Snow Porter
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Snow Porter
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  • Favero trailers are the best solution for transportation of objects and people over snow.

    Our trailers are designed based on the needs of mountain home or ski resort owners where the possibility of transporting goods is limited by the snow and the conditions of roads and trails. The height and length adjustment of the tow hook allows the trailer to be adapted to any type of snowmobile or Quad on the market. Besides the base model, the Favero range of trailers includes the Cargo models, specifically designed for transporting goods and the people carrier trailers, available in 4 or 8 seat versions.

Favero Lorenzo, snow groomers and trailers

For more than 30 years the company FAVERO LORENZO has been producing snow groomers for private users, ski resort and small cross-country ski trails managers.

Besides snow groomers, the production also includes trailers for snowmobiles, designed for the transport of goods and persons on snow.

Quality, commitment and closeness to the consumer: these are the goals which our small, family run company has placed at the core of its activities from the beginning. The products we offer are the result of constructive communication with the customer which allows us to directly identify needs and enhancements.